Jan 2, 2012

2011: Looking Back (March to July)

I originally wasn't going to do one of these posts, since I didn't really start blogging here regularly until April of this year, but in looking back over my posts, I think I have enough things of note that I do want to take a bit to reflect on how the year has treated me as I figure out what to do different in this coming year, and which things I'd like to keep doing this year. Overall, some big things happened, some bloggy goals were reached, and some adorable photos were taken.

In March, I started writing on this blog again with this post after only a few posts about fitting in and finding happiness in a new town.

In April, I made and shared my first Etsy treasury , and the boy moved in, leading to some need some major organization!

In May, I did my first DIY for the blog, a quick and easy terrarium, followed later on in the month by a DIY for a fabric storage bucket, which is one of the most popular posts on my blog.

I shared some food pictures from Zen's birthday completed some crafty projects, thrifted and looked forward to summer. I also began to blog at least every few days, and started one of my favourite features, Things I made and Saw, with this post and amused myself by taking this photo of my apartment building --if this doesn't say urban decay, what does, right?

In June, I shared my new studio space, took this hilarious photo that still makes me laugh, threw my first Etsy Craft party , created my 30 before 30 list and opened my Etsy shop!

I also went camping with my Brownie troop, finally went to World wide Knit in Public day, went on some lovely crafty and walk adventures, (and more lovely walks!), saw my family for a shopping trip in Toronto, and celebrated my mom's birthday with a post she got my dad to print out, so she can carry it around in her purse. 

In July, I learnt to make a blog button,  started a creativity challenge, did my first button swapping sponsorships with lovely blogs, wrote my first guest post, and did my first giveaway! I started another new feature, Friday Fancies, with this post, and did a Photo an Hour challenge. I also did a quilt mending guest post that I was pretty pleased with on This Enchanted Pixie's blog.

I also went on some picnics, took this adorable video of Jesse eating watermelon, drank some smoothiess, and did some fun knitting!.I think I also got addicted to Twitter around this point, and started making lots of lovely friends!

To be continued tomorrow, when I look at August to December, since I'm starting a new semester of school tomorrow, and will likely be a bit busy getting things organized:)

♥ Craftzilla 


  1. Happy New Year my crafty friend! Here's wishing you much creativity, continued success with your shop, and an easy semester!

  2. Love your 'urban decay' photograph! Best wishes in the coming months!

  3. @Chandra

    Thanks Chandra! Same to you! Hope you have a fabulous year ahead:)

  4. @Mermith Mae Thankee! Yeah I giggle a bit every time I see that one still :P Luckily it doesn't look quite as bad at the back of my apartment building anymore lol. Best wishes right back, especially with the launch of your shop coming up!


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