Jun 13, 2011

Worldwide Knit In Public Day

I was pleased to actually make it to an actual event for World Wide Knit in Public Day this year, and what better place than at my wonderful local yarn store, All Strung Out! For anyone who isn't familliar with this WWKIPD,  it's a chance for knitters to get together with other knitters and basically knit in public, make new friends, and of course get some knitting done! Since 2005, knitters from all over the world have participated in this event, which is happening this year from June 11th to June 19th.

My day started out at the Guelph Public library with a few hours of knitting in the library. On my way in, a friendly Viking let me know about the ice cream social happening in the upstairs of the library. Ice cream, yes please!
But first, some knitting, perusing of knitting books, talking to old friends and meeting some new ones!

 Some of the lovely knitters and their knitting
Vikki can't stay away, even with a broken foot

The youngest knitters who came out!
Ella sporting her completed Ishbel (so jealous!) and wokring on other fancy shawls
the lovely owner of All Strung Out, Ashley

Mmm and there were also cookies! (my weakness)
Then it was back to All Strung out for more knitting.

There was also a fabulous draw --fingers crossed for me to win :) I do so love a good giveaway.
There may have been more cookies.

All in all, a most enjoyable day --I will keep knitting in public for the rest of the week! Hopefully while wearing the new socks I got for my birthday!

For a few more photos, click here


  1. Love the name of your LYS!! Cute! And is that cascade 220 on the back on the wall??

  2. I know! Me too --although I hear they sometimes have some issues at the border with the name, LOL.

    And you better believe that is a wall of Cascade 22--regular AND sport :P


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