Jun 14, 2011

The Long Promised Studio Tour

gaze upon the fanciness of my serger!

At long last, I present the long-awaited tour of my new studio! I'm super excited about having this new space to sew in, as my current apartment just doesn't have enough room for me to spread out and leave a giant sewing mess (not to mention everyone kept finding pins in the rug....with their feet, which is never fun)

Keep in mind that these are *very* much before shots, as I've still got a lot of stuff to bring over as well as much organizing to do. Also I think myself and the other two ladies in the studio may undertake some decorating of the whole space at some point, which is a super exciting prospect!

Anyways, without further ado, here's the brief tour--enjoy!

The studio is in a historic buildling in Guelph, and is one room in a midst of a few open plan studios on the first floor. I'm sharing the room with two other ladies, and it's a great industrial sort of space, that is quiet and open, with a lot of natural light. 
The view of my corner of the studio-still have to bring in my other table

My messy work table, up close, in process of unpacking stuff

New dresser --needs some new paint and lovin' --to hold bits and bobs

I like how some of the previous owners left their mark --one top drawer is "Dolores" and the other is "Donna"

Studiomate's workspace

Other studiomate's space --moving in soon

Hope you all enjoyed the tour! More to come as I get things organized and think of some fancy crafts to make the space feel more my own! Any suggestions that anyone has would be most appreciated :)

A few more photos can be found here


  1. okay two things. i have this overwhelming urge to call you gilly. i'm just gonna do it till you tell me to stop. :p

    two, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! :D it's gonna be so awesome to have a studio! pretty fancy. woo!


  2. @captaincadet

    This is likely because many people do call me Gilly /Gillybean/ Gilligan/ Gillbot etc. Apparently I have a name that lends itself to many nicknames!

    STUDIO! I know, I'm loving it so far, though things have been crazy and I haven't been able to be there *quite* as much (read constantly) as I'd like to be! But soon!

    And we should have that knit night field trip at some point too :P


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