May 17, 2011

Tutorial - Fabric Storage Bucket

I've been seeing the fabric storage buckets around a lot on the interwebs, and needing some storage for some game controllers (I know, super nerdy) , I decided to try making one. 
I chose some fancy paisley fabric--I love me a good pattern :)

To start, I cut out a piece of fabric and a piece of stiff, sew in interfacing that measured 31" by 6 "
(1 x fabric, 1 x interfacing)
Then I cut a rectangle measuring 9" by 7"  out of fabric and out of the interfacing. 
I then folded the rectangle in half lengthwise and rounded off the corners 
(1 x fabric, 1 x interfacing)

Take the first piece of fabric and interfacing, fold over and sew a 1/2 inch seam

Here's what you get :
Take the longer piece and pin the seam up the side
Then pin the bottom edge to the bottom piece (wrong sides together)

Note: I had to trim the piece of fabric a bit to fit smoothly

Sew up the side seam first 

I sewed the seam again to flatten it down

Then sew the bottom piece to the top piece
Here it is all sewn together, before I turned it right side out

The finished product!

Happy Crafting!


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