Jan 1, 2012

Things I made and Saw: Christmas Décor Revisited

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had an amazing NYE, and are having a fun and relaxing day today. I'm currently curled up in a blankie with coffee, surrounded by sleeping puppies as a sip on a coffee. What could be better? I'm thinking a bit on the things I want to get done today to start the year out right, and probably I should put away my Christmas decorations before too long, right? However, it occurs to me that I didn't share pictures of some of the lovely decorations around the house right now, so I thought I'd share before it was too far past Christmas to do so:)

Our tiny Christmas tree--I think it's perfect and cute and has all the ornaments on it that I love --Disney ones from when we were kids, handmade ones that the kids I babysat for in highschool made, fun origami stars and small painted wooden Christmas balls. I also made the tree skirt--it's a Nativity one, that's from the same fabric panel as the fabric pieces from my last giveaway. The stockings are under the tree and did not get hung up, but oh well!


Lovely garland I received in the Handmade Gift Exchange


Christmas table that I decorated for Christmas dinner at my parent's house. Note wrapping paper flags taped to Christmas-y toothpicks that I made. 



This is their fancy china, that my sister and I got for them for their 30th wedding anniversary a few years back. They'd wanted it as their china pattern when they were married but couldn't afford it. My sister randomly found a huge set on Kijiji, and the parents were pretty pleased. I think Mom cried even. 


The plastic Christmas rings in the centrepiece came on some Christmas cupcakes, and my Mom keeps this jar of rocks in the china cabinet just to make centrepieces. Love her! 


Mom also decorated up the chandelier:


And some cute pictures of the pups! Jesse is eating a gross pork bone that Santa brought him for Christmas (though it's sorta funny to watch him push it around everywhere) and my parent's dog, Paco, was just being adorable, so had to take a picture of him. 



Enjoy your New Year's Day everyone!

♥ Craftzilla


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