Jun 19, 2011

Things I made and saw: Parks, Pottery and Blended Drinks

It's been a busy, hectic week --I've been crazy busy at work, due to the regular lead being away in Cuba and me filling in, so lot of stress! It's been nice to do some relaxing things this weekend and unwind a bit. So here are a few photos from my weekend adventures for you to enjoy!

I've actually been getting to the studio a fair amount this week, so have gotten some pretty things made! Here's a few sneak peeks:

New table runner made --i love all the flower prints!

pillows! my mom gave me this great remnant piece of fabric last time I visited

Hello Kitty snuggles up under a doll blanket

New fancy pouches!

The boy and I took the pup on a garage sale-ing adventure yesterday when it was beautiful and hot out.



"Guelph: Making a Difference"

pretty flowers!

We walked by the market, but ended up with garage sale treasures and didn't end up going in :(

When we came back, we were super hot and thirsty, so the boy made up some homemade Orange Julius-type drinks in the blender. I've never had the real thing before, so I don't have a point of ocmparision, but they were mighty tasty, refreshing and energizing!


Today, I made a trip to the local clay-painting place,  Play with Clay and painted a cute gnome for my Dad for Father's Day (a little belated I know, especially given firing time).

The outside

Some finished pieces on display

Some of the pieces available to paint

I was technically crashing an 8 year old's birthday party, but since she's one of the Brownies, and was more hanging out with a friend who is one of the other Brownie leaders and helping to supervise, I didn't feel too badly :P I may have also eaten a lot of ice cream cake which always puts me in a good mood!

Some of the choices of things to paint for the party

My gnome, before being painted
My gnome after he was painted (but before firing) --T.V. are my dad's initials

♥ Craftzilla


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