Jun 21, 2011

Happy Trails and Sidewalk chalk

We went on a sunny walk with the pooch tonight, and were out enjoying the nice weather


We were enjoying the new stretch through Guelph of the TransCanada trail that's still being worked on. Is a nice walk through the park and

Oh, and I was wearing my fancy new brooch today that I won in a giveaway from PunkrawkPurl and Restless Hearts Crafts! Look how purty!


Also, gaze upon the loveliness of my fancy lace shawl that I finished awhile ago! It's from a Needful yarns pattern, and knitted in 3 different colourways of Needful Geranium (which sadly seems to be discontinued)


We also ran across some ridiculously cute and amusing chalk drawings! I miss those days when I used to graffiti things around downtown TO with my roommate  use chalk to draw hopscotch boards when I was a kid.






In case you can't read this, it says "I may look innocent now, but as son as we are along I will EAT YOU!" Du dun DAHH!"

Eventually, we have to come home again. All of us are not that pleased by this--some of us wanted to stay and play allll day.


♥ Craftzilla


  1. awww! Thanks for sharing this! The brooch suits you so well. so pretty!
    & what a fun walk... playgrounds & sidewalk chalk!

  2. the brooch looks lovely with that shawl!! I'm so glad it got to you and wasn't held up by this postal mess!!

  3. @PuNk rAwK pUrL

    Thanks lady! I'm glad I finally found the right thing to wear it with! (and get some use out of the years it took to make that darn shawl, lol!)

  4. @Megon and Julie

    Thanks Julie! It definitely needed a pretty brooch to pull it together! And really, I was happy to get any mail! Been having mail issues for months even before the evil postal strike!


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