Jul 22, 2011

Friday Fancies : Link Love

I was thinking of late that love other links posts by other bloggers, and since I'm still in search of my perfect weekly features for the blog, I figured I'd try my hand at one of these kinds of posts:)

This is an adorable phone case

Why aren't all fans as cute as these ones? I think I need ten to beat the heat!

Star Wars is even greater when it's made cute 

Loving this hand-drawn typography

This handy hormone guide makes me laugh...a lot

Great post on the awesomeness of the stuff that accumulates on the front of our refrigerators

Lovely friendship bracelet...might need to make some of these!

Tasty looking peanut buttery recipes from another blogger named Gillian :) YUM! I'm glad the boy is currently baking us some cookies else I would be starving for some sweets!

This is the cutest pug in the entire world

I was thinking about these s'mores in a jar  made by my friend Shana ..why do things taste better when they're in a jar

Crocheted stones would look lovely on my table

I had a little cry at work about the loveliness, beauty and sadness in this post

Who knew sitar could sound so great?

Other linky things I'm excited about this week:

Giveaway winnage for me! So excited for receiving this in the mail! (including this lovely necklace and this print!)

Having my Fabric storage bucket tutorial featured here 

Possible giveaway winnage for others! Over $150 worth of fancy swag, including 2 of my photo prints! Check it out here 

Hope you enjoyed all the fancy links! Now, off to eat lots of cookies!

♥ Craftzilla


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