Jun 24, 2011

Blog Weekly Features - Searching for the Perfect Fit - Part 1


I've been thinking a lot lately about weekly blog features and which ones I should try to integrate into my blogging experience. There are so many out there, and while there are obvious ones that are not a good fit for my blog or where I am in life, there are still a ton of choices out there. Here's an overview of some of the weekly features I enjoy from other people's blogs, as I try to find a few features that I can keep up with and that fit with my writing style.

First off, I've been doing one of my own features, somewhat not religiously, which is a Sunday post called "Things I made and saw" which basically allows me some free rein to show some photos of adventures, as well as things I've crafted or cooked over the past week.  You can see the links here , here and here. I find this is working fairly well for me, since it allows me to sum up the week, do a fairly open post with some sort of structure, on a day when I have more free time than most nights during the week after work.

I tried doing a Photo Friday sort of thing a few times (here and here ) but I felt a bit limited to only show one photos, and lacking a theme of some sort, I felt a little lost, since you don't always have an awesome, hilarious photo like the one from the first post (this one) to share.

I've also done a few Etsy Treasury posts (here and here)  which I also think work well, as long as I have a theme and only do them once in awhile....not sure if I really have time to do one of those more than once a month or every two weeks or so.

General posts of tutorials around some sort of theme also seem to be informative and interesting, and I know I like these ones on other people's blogs, since I love tutorials and different ideas for doing things. And things  like Pinterest are super helpful at keeping track of these sort of things (when I have time to play around with them, of course!)

I'd also like to do a few more tutorials of my own (I've done a couple ) but I find the steps a bit time consuming (plus it's hard to get pictures of things you're sewing--need to work on this )  However I definitely have a few more projects, tips and techniques to share, so likely there will be a few more tutorial posts to come, with the possibility of some video tutorials (if I get up the nerve)

Anyways, so making progress, and I'll think a little further about what works best for me, as well as put together a bunch of options that other bloggers are doing for weekly features (that will be Part 2) and I'll see what works best for me :)

♥ Craftzilla


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