May 15, 2011

Things I made and Saw

Here's a little doodle I did when trying out some new alphabet stamps my fancy friend Kim got me for an early birthday prezzie

Here's a tasty chocolate tart that the boy made for our friends last week...I had some smaller ones but I ate them before photos could be taken (let's be honest, I ate them before they even cooled off and molten chocolate burned by mouth, but it was SO worth it)

 Here's Jesse the super pup, after a much needed haircut took place

Some mighty tasty manicotti I made for a potluck yesterday in my new thrifted Pyrex baking dish --It's blue! So awesome!

Despite all the evil rain here of late, there have been some beautiful moments

This is Zentron, a friendly house robot who has recently undergone some mandatory repairs that have left him as good as new

 The seeds! They grow!! Finally!

 And, in conclusion, Buddha and Martian Manhunter just do NOT get along -- any tips on how to make them be friends again?


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