May 23, 2011

Things I Made and saw : Jean skirts, Crosswords and Swinging in the Sunshine

It's been a busy and hot week (or maybe I'm just focusing on the heat because a lot of the weekend has been spent melting) but one in which I went out a lot more than usual and got a lot of fun things done.

There's nothing like swinging on swings at the park, no matter how old you are!

The boy swings too

I got these photos printed up and bought some mats from Wyndham Art Supplies for a quick gift for a bridal shower -- I think they turned out rather well! I was super worried about how the prints would turn out, largely because I haaven't printed photos in forever, but I'm very pleased with the results.
The bridal shower itself was also pretty fun --and held at my favourite of all yarn stores, All Strung Out Yarns.

Here are a few pictures of the festivities
 Tasty Foods a'plenty!

Beautiful wedding cake knitted by the bride's mom  Paula
I headed to the farmers market briefly with the pup, and stocked up on some tasty apples -- I go through a peck of apples about every two weeks!

I also headed out to the pub around the corner with the boy and a friend and we made some exccellent progress on a crossword (and pints!)

My pint "disappeared" before I got a picture
I also made a new skirt out of some old jeans that had ripped -- I think it turned out quite well (despite not being able to get a super great picture of it )


  1. nice skirt! :) i should do that with some of mine too... mmm apples. jealous!

  2. Thanks Sharmie! I think it turned out pretty well since I just sort of winged it...and had to cut out some rips:) I think I'll take some more involved pics when I tackle the other pairs of ripped jeans I have left !

  3. I've made a few of those skirts too. I love them! It usually takes me a couple hours though, as I'm afraid my sewing machine will eat me.

  4. Don't be afraid that the sewing machine will eat you! They are very nice once you get to know them--I've given lessons before if you were interested in any help slaying the beast:P


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