Jun 25, 2011

Toronto Trip!

I went on a quick Toronto day trip the other day to meet up with my mom and my sister for a belated visit for my birthday. Here are a few pictures of our adventures!

Lunch at the Eaton's centre on a break from shopping

My sister and Mom

Noooo! My nose is not a sushi!
We went to check out a Farmer's market at Nathan Phillips Square, but not finding much, we stopped for some pictures!
Dancin' --you can somewhat see my new haircut

Laughing, as my mom had just smacked me in the bum

It was sort of weird and foggy out


I was showered with lots of nice birthday gifts (that I had to lug home again) but super excited! Look at all the lovely fabrics! Mom brought me all her scraps and extra squares from quilting --I'm going to be able to make a lot of awesome things out of this lot! I already got to the studio last night and was sewing for hours:)



Fancy set of plates-I've hung them up in my bathroom and they look super nice! I can't identify the buildings on them offhand, so may do a little bit of research to try to find out.



Other miscellaneous goodies -Christmas ornaments, wooden box, table runner, stamp, tiny case, and hilarious magnet necklace as seen on TV--comes with hilarious instructions of how to wear it as a belly chain, bracelet, anklet etc.


Inadvertent stowaway in one of the bags holding my presents, lol (my mom clearly grabbed some of the cloth bags they use for groceries, haha)


♥ Craftzilla


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