Jun 27, 2011

Reasons Why I think my mom is Great and Why you should too - Happy Birthday to an amazing Momma!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Momma!

Mom polaroid

She'll probably kill me for putting more photos of her on the internets, but just wanted to tell you a few of the reasons why my mom is awesome:
  • Willing to be silly --we once spent a whole weekend speaking only in Pig Latin --it was really hard to stop!
  • Crafty --she's a super talented quilter and general crafter extraordinaire
  • Green thumb-this lady could grow flowers in an alley--always a beautiful garden, and taught me so much about plants and things (mostly by enlisting me as grunt labour to move gravel about the yard lol)
  • Well -read--Mom is definetely the reason why I read like books are going out of style--we went to the library at least once a week, mostly when we didn't have a car and she'd have to drag us across the bridge  and downtown to the library
  • Hilarious - the first one to break into a dance on a counter, or do a dance on the street just to see if someone was paying attention --also the first to challenge you to a tea towel war or pursue you with a dishcloth threatening to wash your face with it if you didn't do the dishes immediately!
So at any rate, my mom is great --so please send your birthday wishes her way!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. happy birthday gilly's mom! :D

  2. @captaincadet

    I'll pass on the love Sharmie! In cute news, my mom printed this out in order to keep in her purse for 'when she is feeling down". SO CUTE!


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