May 11, 2011

Completed Projects Love

I realized I forgot to share a few of the projects that I was working on that I'd mentioned I was working on.

Jewellry Corkboard

I had decided to give this quick tutorial a try in this post, and here's how mine turned out!

All my many jewels

Embroidery Hoop Art 

Inspired by this example I picked up some embroidery hoops from the thrift store and chose some of my favourite fabrics to make a fancy art wall in my kitchen. I spend a lot of time in here and this section of the apartment is one of the few I feel I've left my decorating mark on.

my projects: fabric embroidery hoops, Love picture, table runner

I'm thinking of writing up a quick tutorial for my table runner, which I made out of fabric scraps from my mom, who's an avid quilter. It was a quick and easy project that I enjoy eating off of every day :)

And, on an unrelated note,  cute puppies always make my day!

Jesse loves to play! 


  1. woah, the hoops look super good! and that table runner too. I want to make one!

  2. Thanks Sharmie! Glad you like them both!! I'll try to do up that tutorial for ya soon:) And I think I have a better pic of the runner, will stick it on my projects page:)

  3. I love your table runner and embroidery hoops! What a cozy space!

  4. @r.hunnicutt

    Thanks so much!! Is nice to be able to look at a clean picture of it for sure, rather than have to clear a spot to eat/read :P


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