Jul 4, 2011

Things I made and Saw: Gnomes, Picnics and Tasty Meats

So, a busy week this week, and I didn't get to check in here as much as I wanted, but I have some plans for next week's blogging that I'll tell you about on Monday:) I've been working on setting up some exciting blog/Etsy shop things this week, that I'll be revealing details of soon --keywords are guest posts and giveaways and I'm super excited to get some of these things going to give my blog and business a bit more exposure.

And with that new out of the way, on to some fun things from my week!

I was quite pleased to pick up my gnome from being fired--he turned out a lot differently from the pictures of him just being painted. I must send him off to my Dad this week for a belated Father's Day gift, where I hope he'll be much loved. As kids, we loved this book called  Gnomes and read it until it fell apart! So gnomes always sort of remind me of my dad, and I often get him little gnome figurines if I find them in thrift shops. I figured that a handpainted one would be even better.



I also went on a meetup with some ladies from Twitter in a venture entitled #ladymeatparty (not a dirty thing, just ladies who wanted some BBQ!) to go and eat some tasty meats at a local joint called Smokin' Tony's Bar-B-Que. Here's a photo of my pulled pork meal, plus one of me posing with my ridiculous plate of meats (I could only eat half, brought the leftovers home to boy who devoured them post haste)



See the rest of the adventures here.

I didn't get out to any of the Canada Day celebrations due to feeling sort of ill (so sad, missed a petting zoo with goats and the annual rubber duck race!) But Zen and I got out today to have a fancy picnic with our friend Jean on the outskirts of town/ We all had a blast picnicking, playing with the dogs, wading and generally basking in the hot hot heat. Overall, it was an incredibly lovely day!

 Picnic relaxing

me--note new haircut :)
Some of us were more relaxed than others




We met a few other small creatures on our walk around:



We went for a wade, and Jesse took a dip




Poppy was not so sure about the water
Jesse gets a bit manic over toys, especially sticks

There's also a few pictures of the picnic here (actually with some of the food photos, which didn't turn out on my camera) that I took with my phone that you can peruse if you're interested :)

Phew! And now off to beds, as the long weekend has officially come to an end!

♥ Craftzilla


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