Jul 31, 2011

Things I made and saw: Wristwarmers, Cookies and Peaches

It was a busy week this week, largely because my boyfriend Zen started work at my office, and that was somewhat stressful, but mostly just involved a lot of making of coffee and trying to wake him up! I think it'll be good though, and it's until school starts for him again in September, so shouldn't be a big deal. It also helps that we work on totally different projects and I have only a vague notion of whatever it is he's doing :) Anyone else ever worked with a partner? Any tips to send my way?

However, since I suck at ideas for lunches, I always make exactly the same thing --sandwich with meats, cheese and tomato, granola bar, apple and yogurt for me. I think I possibly need to change it up a bit, or I may turn into a Montreal smoked meat sandwich  (and let's face it, Jesse will not be able to resist, and I'll be done for :P) Please feel free to also send me lunch ideas, as my brain is not up to the task of thinking of new things on its own.

So let's see, what have I been up to this week...ooh, today there were hot dogs, after an epic trip to the grocery store in the blazing heat ! The beer was also much needed!


I also managed to escape to Knit Night at All Strung Out this week, and started a new project, largely because the socks I'm working on were lost in the apartment (I later found them in a bag of stuff I'd packed up to take over to the studio, whoops)

Anyways, I'm working on the wristwarmers from  Stitch 'n Bitch Nation, using this fancy tweed yarn that I found in my stash:




I'm just at the point of starting the cables, which is causing me a minor amount of stress, as I actually haven't done any before for some reason, and I have to go through 8,000 pieces of knitting stuffs in order to locate a cable needle. I may have to improvise/send in the house gnomes to find it for me.

I also baked up the cookie dough left in the fridge into tasty cookies --I'm supposed to save them for a picnic tomorrow, but I am a cookie-aholic, and they are SO GOOD!


I also enjoy the gnome and goat on my Ikea cookie tin especially as the gnome appears to be feeding the goat a cookie. Sweet!

I think Jesse is trying to nose his way into my wallet as he lies in the beam of sunlight ...he will be sad to find that there is little money in there for which to buy himself marrow bones and moonpies.


We made a quick stop at the market on Saturday in search of apples, but all I found were peaches, that look oh so good!


If you didn't see it on Twitter, this was the best sign I've ever seen at the Farmer's market (excuse the poor quality, as I took the pic with my crappy cellphone)

Best sign at the farmers market on Twitpic

I really wanted to fondle, or at least pinch the peaches after seeing the sign! Three cheers for the power of suggestion I guess!

And now, I'm off to finally eat dinner (11pm is still dinner time, yes?)  and get ready for the fun picnic we're going on with some friends tomorrow (fingers crossed we get all the cooking done!)

♥ Craftzilla


  1. Hmmm we are much alike: my lunches were always a sandwich but I tried to vary the sides with fruit, pretzels, veggies, and sometimes cookies. Because I'm a cookieholic, too :)

  2. @alexkeller

    haha glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem! The changing up of the sides is sorta a "duh why didn't I think of that idea " I always forget about things like cut up celery and things until I'm at a party or something and eat an entire veggie tray and blame it on someone else :P


  3. What about pasta salad? Its quick, easy and versatile.

  4. @Earl-Leigh Hmm another good idea! Clearly I just had to ask the people of the internets what to eat for lunch:)

    I do make a tasty pasta salad with cucumber and tomato, and that would be perfect for a tasty lunch:)

    thanks for the suggestion!


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