Jul 30, 2011

Day 19: Do you keep a creative journal or have an inspiration board? Share!

I used to more religiously keep an inspiration notebook for clothes and such I liked, but given that I rarely buy magazines anymore, all that kind of thing have migrated over to Pinterest. Click here to check out my various inspiration boards. Pictured below is my Favourite Places & Spaces.  Other favs are For the Home and Crafty Things

I've also been going over to my friend Angie's house of late and clipping things out of her giant stack of magazines. What I came up with was this fun inspiration board of a peaceful and restful place--who doesn't love picnics? I have to finish this up still (largely just Modge Podge it and add a few little embellishments) but I really like how it turned out so far!


I also dug out my old fashion inspiration notebook, where I used to clip out a lot of different clothes and outfits I wanted to emulate or copy, back when I did more sewing of clothing. Here's a few of the pages from that too, just for fun.





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