May 28, 2011

Garage sale Treasures and random adventures

Ending up waking up late this morning, but decided to take a jaunt up to the Guelph Food Bank's garage sale (largely because of the BBQ also happening) and bring the pooch for a nice long walk. I've been looking out for a picnic basket for awhile at a decent price (especially since my post about picnics)  and was pleased to find one, along with a few other little treasures! All in all, a successful day :) Plans for tasty picnics and picnic basket makeovers are in the works!

We then followed up the garage sale with tea at a church tea social, where we were the youngest people there by about 50 years. I was also wearing this shirt at the time:
Then I realized it had been ages since I went to the library, so went and got out some fun knitting and sewing books, as well as some comics to read (not pictured --Y the last man comics--the boy and I are currently reading through those.Something is awesome about hanging out and reading comics in the summer!)
I found a super sprouted onion in the onion bag and decided to plant it and see what happens --I think it looks purty!

And then we ate some cupcakes.  So. Good.

Happy weekend!


  1. sounds like a wonderful day to me!!

  2. @shana

    yeah it really sort of was!!! Gotta have more days like that!


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