May 3, 2011

Seeds Planted + Quick and Dirty DIY Terrarium

I've finally planted all my seeds, and am watering away, hoping things will grow (and that I won't forget to water them --this is a real concern, I can be tres forgetful and seeds sure don't like that!)

While I was planting, I figured I'd get all the messy bits out of the way, and make a few terrariums out of some materials I've been collecting for awhile.

DIY Terrarium


-Glass jar with a lid
-glass stones
-some moss (I dug some up, dirt and all on a recent nature hike)
-small decorations (pine cones, pebbles, small decorations)


1. Place Stones on the bottom of the Glass container
2. Place Moss on top
3. Arrange decorations on top
4. Replace lid

Care: Mist with a bit of water once a week

So far, my terrariums look pretty cute, though seem to be suffering from a bit of a condensation problem. I'm guessing this is likely to do with why people often use the pebbles with activated charcoal in them to suck up the moisture, but I'll wait and see how it goes before I decide if I should replace the stones.

But all in all, I'm super happy with how they turned out and how they look on the windowsill! Not sure why I put off making them for so long--this was a super instant gratification project- my favourite kind!


  1. Love the terrarium - what a great idea!

    I planted peas, parsley and dill. The dill grew for a week and I trimmed and ate it. It did not grow again.

    A whole packet of peas resulted in two tallish plants. I guess I should re-pot?

    Re: watering. I use the glass bulbs from the dollar store. That way the plants take what they need when they need it, and I only have to remember to fill them up when empty!

  2. @Karissa

    Thanks Lady! I'm enjoying them, and they look pretty too:)

    Maybe too many peas for one pot haha! I know that beans start well soaking them in water and then in a paper towel--maybe peas are the same?

    Noted on the Glass bulb things --I've been thinking of getting some of those to keep the plants alive!

  3. Your terrarium looks great! I want to make more even though I'm sure my boyfriend thinks two are enough!

  4. @kate

    Thanks! ooh, house full of terrariums! I think my boyfriend thinks the same thing--he keeps checking them to see if they're moldy and is surprised when they aren't LOL


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