Sep 26, 2013

Things I Made and Saw: Buttons, Gloves and Things I Left at the Thrift Store

It's been a busy few weeks as usual, and I thought I'd share a few photos from the last little while.

I finally finished some knitting projects for a friend --I think the fingerless gloves and scarf turned out pretty well. I love the pattern I found on Ravelry, Half Pint Fingerless gloves. Now that the cooler weather is here, I could definitely see wearing these while drinking a delicious pint, and I may have to make another pair for myself.

In other yarn and fibre news, I've recently joined the Knitter's Guild in my new city, and they throw a yearly yarn show which was a lot of fun. I wo(manned) the door for a few hours, chatted to some awesome knitters and came home with a few goodies, one of which I can't share since it's a gift for my mom. But look: fancy handpainted yarn --Briggs & Little SoftSpun, which is handpainted and soft. This colourway is coloured Bubble Gum. I also love the fabulous colours of these yarn bats I got for needle felting!

We also took an outing to pick up a package this weekend, and made a stop into the thrift store. Here are a few of the amusing animal-themed goodies that I spotted on the shelves.

We also stopped into Word on the Street, where we ate yummy cookies, tried to best others at Scrabble and make some fun buttons! Here's a picture of mine below. I also drew an owl for Zen's button that said "Reading is a Hoot". He thought that was quite amusing and I sense a possible cross stitch in my future!

And because I've been a lax blogger lately, and because all blog posts deserve some cute dogs, here's a picture of Jesse wearing an adorable t-shirt.

Jesse was also feeling sick for awhile, so took to sleeping on a pile of laundry in the closet to make himself feel better (it was also really cute!) 

We also finally went for a long walk with my friend Greg and his dogs Dakota and Casey awhile back, who I think were contemplating eating the park swan in this picture. Silly dogs!

♥ Craftzilla 


  1. D'awwww - cute little doggies!!!!! And ughhhh - hideous china animals!

    1. I know, tiny adorable doggies are my weakness for sure!

      I have a minor weakness for hideous china animals as well, though only if they are piggy banks :)


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