Sep 4, 2013

Life Lately

I saw this list post by Erin over on Bluebird Baby, and a list is always a good way to edge back into posting for me when it's been awhile since I've written. The summer has been full of unpacking, of trying to relax and sometimes, just being too hot to move much. I have been trying to get back to being more creative before school starts up again, and am taking an online course called Creativity, Innovation and Change, which I'm hoping will help me to think critically and deeply about my creative side and how to let this knowledge guide me more in my day to day life. I'm also planning on a taking a blogging course next month which is also exciting!

Lately I am....

making :  An effort to get all the boxes of stuff unpacked from our move
cooking : Baked chicken, corn and asparagus for dinner -yum!
drinking : Coffee, tea, lemonade and milkshakes when I can get 'em
reading :  Anna Karenina when I'm feeling literary and some YA vampire books when I'm not
wanting : to move on to a new opportunity now that I'm getting close to the end of my degree
looking : for time to be creative!
playing : toy with the dog, he loves to chase his ball around the apartment 
wasting : time watching more X-Files than I probably need to
sowing : dreams for the future
wishing : It was not too late to make another pot of tea
enjoying :  the cooler weather coming on...I love hoodies and blankets!
waiting :  for school to start next week
liking :  the new pencil case I got for school - it has an adorable monster on it 
wondering : how to make everyday life feel less repetitive and more meaningful
loving : the market near our house- we are starting a new tradition of getting breakfast on Saturday morning and then heading to the market 
hoping : that the last class  of school goes quickly
marvelling : at the deliciousness of home-baked cookies 
needing : Some new jeans and yoga pants, as always. Mine are always wearing out
smelling :  the cool night air coming in the window
wearing :  Comfy clothes and yoga pants
following :  up one step ahead with the next one
noticing : That I never head to bed early when I know I'm tired
knowing : that going to the gym, even the two times a week I have time for, will make me healthier and stronger
thinking : I should go and walk the dog before I fall asleep on the couch again
bookmarking : links about blogging, upgrading to wordpress, thoughts on creativity and knitting patterns for hats and shawls now that fall is in the air
opening :  up my dusty notebook and trying to organize my ideas and be more creative
giggling : at the silly way that dog will flop his head pathetically onto your knee while you're eating dinner
feeling :  excited to see a friend for breakfast tomorrow

I hope you enjoyed this little slice of my life lately, and if you decide to join in, leave the link to your post in the comments!

♥ Craftzilla


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