Aug 17, 2013

Crafty's Free Knitting Patterns : Breaking Free from the Summer Blues of Knitting

I was recently contacted by the folks at Craftsy who came across my blog and discovered my love of knitting. Craftsy has recently redone their pattern search to put a whole bunch of awesome free patterns into an easy search page, and asked me if I'd like to have a look and share my thoughts and a link to the free patterns page with you, my awesome readers. (scroll to the end of the post for the link!)

Searching for Knitting Patterns is Easy 

The search interface on the Craftsy site is easy to use, and lets you choose what category of item you'd like to make, such as an accessory like a headband or clothing like a sweater, and choose other options below for the type of pattern and who the item is made for, making it easy to find a free pattern for your next knitting project.

Fun Projects to Try!

I've been in a big of a knitting slump lately, so I jumped at the chance to go and browse some patterns and hopefully kick-start my knitting bug in time to get some Christmas presents on the go (August is not too early to start planning and creating, especially when it comes to knitting!) Here are a few of the new to me patterns I found on the Craftsy site that I might be casting on soon!

Get Free Knitting Patterns 

So there you have it-Craftsy is easy to search, has lots of free knitting patterns and hopefully the few patterns I linked to above are enough to intrigue you and get you knitting!


 Happy Knitting! Feel free to share your favourite patterns in the comments - I always love more inspiration!

♥ Craftzilla


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