Jan 27, 2013

January Cure: Week 3 Progress

I'm still working on the daily challenges for the Apartment Therapy January Cure! Check out my other posts with progress here

Before I get into my specific progress for this week, I thought I'd share a few photos from the challenge so far, particularly how tidy and adorable my kitchen is at the moment. I decluttered the counters, cleaned the fridge, arranged some knick-knacks and hung some pictures and mirrors, and it's like a whole different space that I'm loving spending time in lately.


You can also see the awesome Christmas gift from my parents peeking out -  a cherry red KitchenAid stand mixer :) I want to make all the things in it, though have only made a few batches of cookies so far.  These little owls are also guarding my stove (and the salt and pepper!)

DSCF5800 edit

Day 9 : Create a Landing Strip

I'm still thinking about the best way to deal with all the clutter near my front door. Coats, shoes, keys always missing --it's a real problem. I'm hoping I can find something useful to keep some of that clutter organized, that maybe even uses some of the inspiration from my Entryway inspirations post last week.

Day 10: Work on your Goal Project

I spent a night going through many random tote bags of yarn and clearing out the space under my desk. I had a lot of yarn in that tiny space, and a lot of projects on the go! I think I may have even found enough of the needles I'd misplaced to actually finish some of my erstwhile knitting projects. However I've got miles (of yarn) to go before I sleep  finish my organizing process. I won't share a picture yet, because the progress isn't super visible yet, but I'm getting there!

Day 11: Try a Media Fast

To be honest, I've had bits and pieces of this lately, but with doing an online class this semester and work/ placement, I have little time to not be online. Travelling to visit my family and just sitting on a bus for awhile was pretty great, but it was nothing compared to having media-free time in my comfy apartment. One of these days it will happen!

Day 12:  Declutter Books and Media

I could declutter forever and still never make a big enough dent to fit all my books on my bookshelf. I did cast a critical eye on the bookshelf for books that I've never read or that I can easily get for free on my e-reader, and a few ended up in my outbox.

Day 13:  Flowers and Bedroom

Although I was away on this weekend, I actually did a huge clean-out of my bedroom on the first weekend of the challenge which is still holding up. I moved boxes, I reorganized the whole closet, I hung some more pictures, I put the dog's bed out in a comfier spot and we can actually walk through the room. It's definitely starting to feel like a more inviting space! I'll definitely share a few photos of how things are shaping up in here soon.

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  1. Your blog is very interesting. I love your style. Kisses from Spain.


    1. Thanks Maria! I'm glad you visited my blog and I'm off to visit yours now :)


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