Jan 27, 2013

Tales from a Bad Week

All I have in me is negativity. This has been a bad week emotionally and physically and just overall for me.  Nothing seems to have gone right this week and I can't shake that feeling of wanting to hibernate in my house and just not come out for two or three months. I have really tried harder to keep a positive spin on things in this space, but I think there are also times where expressing a little negativity is needed to get past it.

Bad things of the week:

  • Getting stranded out of town after my placement was over Friday night for an extra 3 or 4 hours due to the bus boarding on another platform and not being told. I ended up getting home at 10:30pm (keeping in mind I left home around 8am) instead of 7pm. I also didn't have any money to get dinner, and things are definitely worse without food.
  • Losing my newly knitted hat on a stopover at the Greyhound station in Toronto last Sunday! I know I just dropped this hat somewhere in the station, and since I checked with lost and found, someone clearly scooped it up for themselves. Knit wear thieves are the worst. I've started casting on a new one though which will hopefully be even more awesome than the first.
  • Being away all last weekend and getting home on Sunday at 11:30pm really put a damper on my preparedness for the week. I could use many naps.
  • The heat has been turned off at work way too many times this week. Space heaters and Russian hats were my saviour.
  • I have a weird assignment due on Monday that I just can't wrap my head around no matter how much I've been staring at it. 
  • Most of all, seeing how sick my grandma has gotten just since Christmas on my weekend at home was a bit jarring. Her cancer is at the point where she's no longer getting any treatments and home care is being set up. The weekend itself was pleasant enough, hanging out knitting and chatting with Nannie, but not being able to be there regularly (my parents and grandma are a 3 to 4 hour trip away)  is making me a bit upset and feeling helpless. 

Good things: 

  • Lunch with a friend 
  • Bought many groceries and dog food today--feeling all stocked up
  • I conquered dishes mountain and the kitchen is pretty clean.
  • Knitting mittens is great fun!
  • I got some awesome new knitting needles
  • A few surprises for a special someone arrived in the mail -excited for the time to give them 
  • Puppy cuddles 
  • Naps under my new (to me) granny square afghan
  • Watching shows with the boy
  • Skating and hot chocolate with the Brownies 
  • Hugs
Here's hoping for more good things than bad things next week. I think I've earned some good week karma! 

♥ Craftzilla 


  1. I am so sorry to hear that your week has been such a mess. Mine has been equally challenging and filled with negativity, trying to see the positive again though.
    I'm sorry to hear about your grandma, so happy for you that you got to spend some time with her!
    And boo to that thief of your hat - I know how you must feel, I bet the new one will be much better!
    Hang in there, sweetie, thinking of you!
    Hugs xxx

    1. Thanks Chrissy! Sorry to hear you've been having a challenging week too :( Hopefully we both have happier ones! And yeah, it's definitely hard to see my grandma sick, but I am glad I cancelled whatever I had to and went for a visit. Aside from the travelling part, it was a good visit :)

      I've cast on the new hat so far, even with the right size of needles, so I think it will turn out awesome. Will post when I'm done, since I rarely knit anything for myself!

      xx Gillian

  2. Aww Gilli-bean, sorry to hear it's been such a trying time. It's hard to not let that vortex into a big steaming mess of grumpy groans eh? Hope the better bits start winning over this week. Truly sorry to hear about your Grandma, is she in p.dot here too? It's so hard seeing those we love get nearer to the end... warm hugs your way.
    needle and nest

    1. Hey Mel --yeah the steamy vortex of yuckiness definitely did not treat me well this week :( Hoping to fall into the bubbly vortex of sanity and productivity this week!

      Yes, Grandma is in P.dot too, over in East City. Mom is on day 21 or so of being over there every day. Hoping to get some homecare in soon. Definitely hard seeing people near the end of things, especially when you see the changes all at once :( Hopefully I can make it back again soon to see her again. I guess part of my worry is that I won't, ya know?

      xx Gillian


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