Jan 27, 2013

The January Cure: Week 4 Progress

Day 14 - Get Papers and Files in Order 
This is a slow, slow journey of conquering paper mountain.

Day 15 - Exercise a little Cord Control
The cords have won.

Day 16 - Give Your Bathroom and Medicine Cabinets a Clean Out

Our bathroom actually has a lot of random storage, with two sets of cupboards and two medicine cabinets, but it's very easy for it to get disorganized and cluttered. I gave the medicine cabinets a good clear out, and got rid of lots of random stuff we'll never use. I also gave the big cupboards a good tidy, including reorganizing the stacks of towels and linens in there. Much easier to find things now!

Day 17 - Looking at Living Room Lighting 
Always need more lights. Looking at what can be done so we aren't squinting in the dark as much.

Day 18 - Flowers, Living Room, Empty your Outbox

I'm making progress on the living room, but it's still the place most likely to have stacks of stuff in it.

Outbox-wise, I got one bag of random belongings brought to the thrift store today, which feels good. I only ended up removing one picture frame and a beaded mat that I decided I liked after all  and was able to let the rest go.

♥ Craftzilla 


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