Nov 11, 2012

Day 11: 3 years Ago

Exactly three years ago was a huge time of change for me:

* I was in the midst of applying for my bachelor of social work program

* I was searching for someone to sublet my apartment in Toronto

* I was looking for a new job

* I was looking for a new place in Guelph

I was nervous, worried and scared to take all of these steps...but I knew I had to do so, in order to be happier in my life and more fulfilled. I was nervous to leave most of my friends behind and move to a city where I only knew a few people, but knew that moving would get me closer to school, closer to figuring out what my future would be with the boy and be a needed change out of the big city. The flurry of activity of November, of showing the apartment, getting reference letters together, writing essays, searching for apartments and talking through concerns about such a big change were stressful, but I think ultimately worth it. Some of my goals even from three years ago are still in progress, but I'm much closer to my goals now. I can see the finish line, while I was only at the starting line back then. I've lost some things and people in my life because of these decisions, but I've gained others and adapted and changed. Overall, it's been a busy three years, but I've grown and changed so much from who I was back then. It's funny how little can happen in three years....

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