Nov 10, 2012

Day 10 : A Favourite Recipe

This is less of a favourite recipe, since I just tried this apple fritter recipe today, but apple fritters are definitely up there on my favourite foods list.  They turned out pretty well, so much so that we ate them all up immediately and fell into a bit of an apple fritter coma all day. I think for next time, I might add less apple than I did and maybe try some kind of sugar glaze rather than the icing sugar, mostly with the aim of emulating Tim Hortons apple fritters. Also of note: I deep fried things without burning myself for once, and I got a tasty treat. All in all, a successful day!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. Dear GOSH, those look beautiful. *wipes a tear*

    1. I KNOW, right? They were almost *too* beautiful to eat, but I got over that quickly :P


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