Nov 10, 2012

Day 09: A close-up of my day

You guys are pretty lucky I'm sharing this terrible photo with you, but this is me at a free pancake breakfast yesterday morning that happened in support of Random Act of Kindness day, a yearly event coordinated by the Guelph community Foundation to encourage people to do nice things for each other and engage with other people in the community . Since we were on a bit of a time crunch before I has to get to work, we brought Jesse along for the pancake excursion. This picture captures the extreme difficulty (notice the silly face) of trying to hold a plate of pancakes and a hot chocolate while also trying to hold back an excited dog who apparently has the word "pancake' in his vocabulary. Overall, an awesome and tasty start to the day with tasty pancakes and hot chocolate with scads of marshmallows and chocolate pieces :)

♥ Craftzilla 


  1. Haha, love it! (And now I want pancakes...)

    1. :) I always want pancakes, they're clearly one of the best foods in the world !


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