Nov 6, 2012

Day 06 - A Book I'm Reading

Currently on my e-reader is The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie. This novel was originally written to win a bet where Christie was charged with writing a novel (her first) that made it difficult for the reader to solve to mystery, even given the same clues as the detective Poirot. I am really enjoying this book--the writing flows well, the mystery has lots of twists and turns and I love reading the first Poirot story, since I remember watching so many Poirot Masterpiece Theatre episodes with my parents and enjoying them.

Besides, what better hero for Movember is there than the dashing Hercule Poirot? Anyone participating in Movember this month could only be so lucky to grow such a fabulous 'stache!

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November

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  1. Are you done with this book? I’ve actually read it, and I found it exciting since it involves solving mysteries. This book jumpstarted Hercule Poirot's rise to becoming one of the most famous characters of Ms. Christie. I must say, this is a page-turner!


    1. I'm almost done! I'm on the last part of it when everything is revealed, and as I was reading my Kobo died! So I'm really looking forward to getting home and charging it up to see the ending!


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