Aug 23, 2012

Five Things that Make me Happy in the Heat

I know it's a common complaint lately, but it's hot out again, and I really was enjoying the weather being a bit cooler. Over the summer, our apartment was just too hot. We don't have an air conditioner  and it was hard to sleep and to get anything done,  as my brain was metling into a puddle by degrees. So all I can do now is to think of things that make me happy in the heat and stop my brain from melting again as the heat makes another appearance!

1. Water - drink it, have 3 baths or showers a day, run your wrists under the tap (my mom always made us do this as kids--it totally works) . I miss having a sprinkler to run through or a kiddie pool to sit in though when it's really hot out (though I won't be recreating that summer my roommates and I put a kiddie pool in our living room anytime soon )

2. Ice cream, popsicles and everything cold and tasty: pretty self explanatory--if it's cold and tasty, I'm there! Does anyone else have popsicles for dinner other than me? I'm also dying to try this iced coffee recipe

3. Wear sandals and only sandals: I don't know about you, but I'd probably be walking around barefoot if I could. Maybe this is just because I have the world's hottest hands and feet most of the time, but the thought of putting on socks and shoes in the summertime (or even the fall) makes me die a little inside.

4. Looking at pictures of snow : Does anyone else do this other than me? Even better than looking at pictures of snow is watching a movie that's taking place in the middle of a blizzard --Christmas or disaster movies are great for this.

5. New haircuts! Seriously, I was going to lose it if hair touched my neck any longer. I'm not even sure that cutting off 5 + inches was enough, though I'm pleased with  how adorable this haircut turned out!


Even Jesse got a new haircut (see above!) More cute pictures of the fancy puppy to follow!

♥ Craftzilla


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