Sep 4, 2012

On Creating Space

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on creating space for Truthy Tuesday, a weekly linkup on the Maven Circle. For more information on how to participate, check out the Truthy Tuesday info page

Today I'm thinking a lot about space.  About creating it for myself, using it wisely, building up as well as out and taking it when I can get it.  

I'm thinking about beauty, and design and room to move and create and grow. 

I'm thinking about shelves for my newly reclaimed desk area, about having supplies within reach to create. 

Everything in it's place , and a place for everything.

About embracing space where it's needed for my own sanity and that of others.  

Letting space evolve, rather than forcing it.

About letting things be and letting them grow as they were meant to. 

Trying not to think of the impossibility of making this space, but of doing what I can, what is realistic and what is possible. 

About subtracting those things that don't matter  as much to make room for others. 

Opening my mind up to a world of possibility. 

Dealing with the space and time limitations that  I've made for myself, with the start of school again. 

Trying to breathe when the space is tight.

Understanding that nothing will be perfect,, that unpacking will be done eventually, routines will develop and a new rhythm will emerge for fall. 

That nothing is impossible.  That nothing is perfect. 

That sometimes the walls will seem close, and others non-existent. That some are of my own making. That some need to be dismantled and rebuilt. 

That space is most often a state of mind.

♥ Craftzilla


  1. This is a beautiful, poetic post. I love the contemplation of it and think you're right- space really is a state of mind. Thanks again for participating, we love hearing your thoughts!

    1. Thanks Jena! I'm glad it turned out ok as a post, I don't often do these kind of posts on this blog, although maybe I should keep it up! And yes, space is definitely a state of hard to change sometimes.

  2. What a lovely piece of writing. You are a very wise and inspiring lady! I know that these words will stick with me for quite a while. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much--that's a lovely comment to receive :)


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