Nov 8, 2011

Music you should Hear : Jeff Buckley

I felt a sudden need to hear this song today and thought I'd share.

I remember hearing Jeff Buckey's Last Goodbye for the first time either on the radio, on the show the Alternate Route on Peterborough's rock radio station, in the dark of my room when I was supposed to be sleeping, or on a mixed tape that my friend Chantal made me, back in the days when we made each other mixed tapes with commentary all the time.

Guilty secret: I may have made a Jeff Buckley web page for a class project in a highschool computer class project in like 1997. It was pretty much like a Geocities website full of photos of him and was pretty terrible in retrospect, but apparently the teacher used it as an example for the next few years. Amusing, right? So I actually sort of enjoy some of these videos that are just picture slideshows.

If you haven't heard Jeff Buckley before, I definitely think you should check out a few of his songs. His cover of Hallelujah gives me shivers/tear up every time I hear it. His range, his voice, his lyrics, everything is amazing.

Sit in the dark, light some candles, have a glass of wine and enjoy.

Other favourite songs:

Who's your favourite artist that brings back memories of a certain time in your life?

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  1. Pearl Jam - "10" and "Vitalogy". Oh, mid-90's, you are my nostalgia zone!

    Yes, still a month behind on blog reading.


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