Nov 7, 2011

Things I made and Saw - A few photos from Camp

Here's a few photos from camping this weekend at the Girl Guide's camp, Camp Teka!




We did lots of fun stuff this weekend (including me learning all the names of the new girls who weren't in Brownies last year) Highlights included a chocolate challenge, making armpit fudge, learning about setting up tents, hunting for night eyes in the dark,  hikes, camp fires and sing-alongs, skits and crafting of hat crafts.. There was tasty food, new friends made, and a bunch of kids who stayed up way too later. And some very tired leaders, especially this one, who has a paper to finish for tomorrow, and wasn't quite expecting to come home to a naughty pup who ate 6 chicken bones from the compost and had to be rushed to the vet for emergency x-rays and stuff to make him throw up the bones.

The place is heated by woodstove


Some items displayed around camp



The girls also made us leaders a thank you banner:






Girls' stuff, packed and ready to go, somehow


And learned about some famous Brownies, including the Queen's sister, Princess Anne. You can imagine that 9 year olds were pretty excited to hear about a princess being a Brownie!


In conclusion, it was a crazy weekend, and I'll share some more stuff from it in the next few weeks, such as some info on hat crafts for example, since some of you asked what kind of crafts we generally make at camps. The short answer is that hat crafts are small crafts that are pinned onto the usual bucket sort of summer hat as mementos of camps as well as things to trade with new friends. Exciting right? We made some very cute ones that I'll share soon!

♥ Craftzilla


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