Nov 10, 2011

Day 27: What is the usual theme of your work?

Day 27: What is the usual theme of your work? If you tend to create joyful, bright and optimistic art, then try to create something somber or dark... or vice versa.

I feel like I've been trying in my art and things I make to tone things down a bit more than my gut usually tells me to, and was needing a bit of crafting and art fun, so I came home from school early yesterday and played around with paints a bit. I picked the brightest and awesomest colours that I really love, and made a cute little painting.


Painting little circles or random designs is about as far as my painting/ drawing skills go, and I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out.


What do you think? What are your favourite colours -super bright ones, or more muted ones?
Given that I've had rooms that were two of these colours in the past, I think I shouldn't be let loose in the paint store!

♥ Craftzilla


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