Oct 8, 2011

New Things - New job Starting and Exciting Photo News!

So my first new thing is that I started my new job yesterday. I haven't worked a lot in retail, and never in setting up and stocking a new store, so this is a new learning experience for me, and a test in how long I can stay on my feet and not complain! For the most part, I had an OK day, but I'm definitely not used to being on my feet for so long, and I'm not much of a morning person. The people seem nice though, which is a plus, and I haven't been put in a situation for awhile (aside from school I guess) where I have to chat to people and get to know them. I can see how tired and busy I'm going to be though, and not looking forward to that aspect of things :(

In other exciting news, after my post about Culture Days the other week, I got an email from someone from Culture Days asking to include one of my photos in a thank you ad in the Globe and Mail! I'm excited to share the ad (that is running in today's Globe and Mail ) with you below!

In case you can't tell from the ad, the photo they used was this one of Gillian Wilson doing a screenprinting demonstration. It feels sort of fun to have one of my photos seen by a lot of people, and getting the photos ready to submit was definitely a new thing I hadn't really done before.

All in all, lots of new things and information stirring around in my head, which feels good!

♥ Craftzilla 



  1. You have had a crazy week! I may have a solution for achy feet. For one of my retail jobs a few years ago, I invested in some mary jane style Aerosoles. They weren't my cutest pair of shoes, but they definitely helped take some of the pain from standing away. Congrats on having your photo featured! Very cool!

  2. @Earl-Leigh yeah, just a little! I actually grabbed some comfy Dr Schll's shoes (have to wear sneakers there) but am mildly waiting to hear if I got another job before I wear them :P Thanks for the congrats too!


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