Oct 7, 2011

Friday Fancies- Significantly not normal

Maybe it's because I'm working on statistics homework right now, but this is hilarious to me!

I'm excited to participate in Blog Action Day on October 16, especially since this year's topic is food!

I very much want to eat fun shaped panckes --Star Wars

While on the topic of Star Wars, this is the best thing in the entire world and I might have to make one

These photos from the DMC Factory in France are amazing! [note, you'll need to translate the page] This site also has some fun visual how-to's and embroidery patterns --are these not the most adorable patterns you've ever seen?

Amazing fabricorganization idea!

This time lapse of a stop motion puppeteer at work is pretty neat

This is a fun and easy video tutorial for glass marble magnets (contains pug adorableness!)

This tutorial is full of doily love 

I enjoy these kind of scarves--and such a pretty colour

I want to be at this museum so badly!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. holy link overload!
    just stopping by to wish you a happy thanksgiving!
    enjoy :)

  2. @mel

    Thanks! I do one of these kind of posts weekly--I think a link roundup is always a fun thing to share--I love to see where people have visited on the internets!

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes--same to yourself!!


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