Sep 29, 2011

A thought for Thursday (Priorities and Getting Down to Work)

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I have this thing where I know I have a lot to do, and I really mean to work hard and get it all done, but I really get distracted easily. There are always fun new things on the internets to look at, or people to talk to, or crafts to do, or things to clean, and as I said in my post yesterday, that feeling of being swamped and disorganized is not a great one. So my thoughts for today are really on how to structure my day to get the most important and time sensitive things done, to add in a little bit of time for fun so I don't get burnt out, and to think about how I can make things easier for myself in the crazy weeks to come so I don't lose my mind.

So far, my solutions are mostly lots of lists, a schedule of times to focus on each thing I gotta get done,  a focus on cleaning up and organizing the apartment once the pressing papers and such are done, and to try to catch up on things and get ahead, as well as to reclaim my desk area by sorting out a desk area for the boy.  Phew!

Also, Batman has some words of wisdom to offer:
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  1. Oh, procrastination ... welcome to my arch nemesis. ;) I have this problem ALL the time and lists help me, too!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. @mama marchand yeah I totally need someone to smack me when I start procrastinating! Now THAT would be effective :P


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