Sep 7, 2011

My First Day of School (Sort of)

Today is my first day at school--sort of. I'm off to school for my orientation day for my program, and fingers crossed that I don't get ridiculously lost, as I've somehow not actually made it out to the U of Waterloo campus before. Somewhat luckily, the only bus I can take to get to school on time gets me there an hour and a half early, so I guess I'll probably have time to find my way around a few times over as well as hopefully finding about 10 gallons of coffee, since my usual day doesn't begin at 6am and I'll probably need at least that much coffee to stay awake. I'll keep reminding myself how this is one of the few times this will happen this term, and how I probably won't die. Probably.

Also, I thought I'd share a picture of my sister and I from a first day of school! I'm guessing I'm in grade 2 or 4 by my haircut, which makes my sister in senior kindergarten or Grade 1. Aren't we adorable? 

sarah and I first day of school2

Gaze upon my lovely outfit of stretch pants paired with a windbreaker with the socks pulled up! I am the early 90's personified in this picture, and don't you forget it:) Hopefully my outfit today is just as awesome as on this first day of school!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. Good luck with orientation & hope you don't get too lost. Of course sometimes when you get lost, that just means exploring places you might need to find later on anyways! Hope you have a great unofficial first day! xoxo

  2. @apockylypse Thanks lady! I adventured and ended up finding my way around:) It was all good! And I did find some places I'll need to go later too:P


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