Sep 6, 2011

Five Favourites of Late

1. Poutine from the new Smoke’s Poutinerie that opened recently up the street from my house


2. Sewing Patchwork triangles –my mom just taught me a super quick way to do them which I’m enjoying --tutorial to come soon!


3. My parent’s dog Paco is really quite adorable..I sort of miss him. Though Jesse is of course still awesome


4. I’m loving the colours in this new quilt I’m working on –batik fabrics are amazing and I'm still enamoured with it. Hoping to make more progress on it soon!


5. My 30 Days of Lists album is really quite fancy –making lists is fun--I'll share my lists for Week 1 in a few days!


 ♥ Craftzilla


  1. I can see why those are some of your favs! I've got to say that I absolutely cannot wait until you finish that quilt, because the sneak peek is gorgeous!

  2. @apockylypse Thanks lady! I'll work on getting it done as soon as I can:)


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