Sep 8, 2011

Day 25: Photograph your favorite feature.


Here's my favourite feature--my eyes! Aren't you glad for this extreme close up? Better not look too close or the laser beams might getcha.

When I was in highschool or university (the first time around) I used to eye makeup the heck out of these babies, but now, I really can't be bothered most of the time. However, I'm thinking I should really have fancy eyes once in awhile, so found a few different looks that I enjoy, including some tested and true ones.

This one is fun and sparkly! However, liquid liner is a giant pain and I usually just end up looking like I was trying to put a winsome spot over one eye for a dog costume or something.

I really enjoy the many colours look,but not sure if I could pull this one off.

I had some blue sparkly eyeliner like this when I was first in university and thought I was so awesome:

I used to do a look like this once I started working--people would always ask me if I got new glasses whenever I put makeup on which I always found sort of a weird reaction to it. Similar to how my hair apparently always looks great when I remember to brush it. (You can tell how I'm a high maintenance person, right?)

 I have also done the Amy Winehouse eyes, but only to dress up as a last minute Amy Winehouse for Halloween one year. I met another Amy Winehouse while out on Church Street in Toronto who "loved my hair." It was a fun year, wandering around with my friends Britney Spears and Borat on the beach (complete with homemade man-kini)

Hope you enjoyed my trip down eye makeup memory lane:)

♥ Craftzilla


  1. I hate eyes. So this was a pleasant surprise ahaha yours are pretty though :)

  2. I used to be decent with makeup, but I've done it so little the past few years that I've lost my skill. Maybe I will try harder because some of these looks are just gorgeous & fun!

  3. I find there's a good occasion and outfit to wear any type of eye makeup, although I usual stick with the tested and true black eyeliner and smokey look LOL

  4. @Yvonne HAHA best reaction to this ever :P Glad my eyes didn't gross you out --and thanks for the nice compliment!

  5. @apockylypse Yeah I'm thinking I should really fancy up a bit sometimes. Especially now that I'll be around 20 year olds all the time at school, lol

  6. @Sylvanfire yeah the classic look is the best (and easiest) which is often my criteria :)


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