Sep 27, 2011

Call for October Sponsors!


I realize I'm a bit slow on the draw on this one, but I'm still going to blame it being the first few weeks of school --it's been crazy so far, especially when it comes to the excessive amoutns of group work! However, if you're interested in swapping buttons with me for the month of October, please get in touch with me right away!

More information on my blog stats, some top posts on the blog, and what you get from your sponsorship is available on my Sponsorship page.

Button Swapping is always free, and if you're interested in swapping or doing a guest post or giveaway, please let me know by filling out my sponsorship form!

If you have any specific questions not covered or want to discuss anything, please send me an email!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. ooh i'd love to do a button swap or guest post, which would you prefer? x

  2. Oooh - you should totally link up @BarteringBloggr I got a bunch of new sponsors for October there.

  3. @Faith I did do some linking up there already:) YAY!


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