Aug 19, 2011

Friday Fancies

This poster appeared in the lunchroom at work last week, and gives me the giggles every time I go to get a coffee! Also for the fact that people keep taking swords.

Some awesome examples and ideas for taking self-portraits

I often need 101 Ways to Find Inspiration --sometimes it can be difficult.

One step (har har) closer to having a bionic body --starting with the legs

These picture frames are so fun and stylin'

Is it wrong to put clothes on dogs? This one seems too adorable to be wrong

I'm unsure why they're remaking Total Recall, or why they're shooting some of  it down the street from me, but if anyone needs me to try to touch Collin Farrell for them, please let me know

My yoga teacher read this quote in yoga the other day --things to ponder. The whole quote is here

This is what I want to be remembered for

The weeping angels on Doctor Who scare the crap out of me--no one wear this around me please!

I like this idea. More love in the world please!

Also, I am featured today on After Nine to Five's Blog feature, New Friend Friday! Check out my fun interview here!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. @sharmie

    there's also one up of this meme with "Y U no Stretch?" on it too LOL

    As well as some amusing xkcd strips related to computers/promgramminmg :P

  2. @Erika Lee Sears

    yeah it is --mine is a very nerdy office of I.T. like people who don mostly video game and comic book attire :P


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