Aug 18, 2011

Day 22: Find and photograph one object in your home and create something inspired by it.

For today's post, the object that I took a picture of is my typewriter! I got this pretty Smith-Corona on Freecycle, and while it needs some work done to it (cleaning, new ribbon etc) that I haven't had time to do yet, I love it so!


Given that I've been meaning to give this tutorial for making fabric labels from the Make Something blog a try for ages, I figured this was a good opportunity to get myself moving on this project.
So I got the boy to let me use his working typewriter (also pretty fancy--just realized they are both Smith Coronas haha) and gave it a go!


Instead of fabric, I ended up using a piece of stiff, sew in interfacing, which actually was a great surface for typing on, and ended up looking a bit like a twill/canvas  sew on label I think, with less unravelling:


I think that once there's a working printer at the house, I might give printing directly onto the interfacing a go, since it would be a cheap and easy way to make sew on labels. I'll be sure to share pictures once I try this!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. This makes me want to search high & low for a typewriter...a pretty one like you found. Can't wait to see how it works on a printer!

  2. @apockylypse

    Yeah typewriters are fun! I really want to get mine up and working properly now!!

    And get some printer ink to try it on the printer too:)


  3. Hi!
    I love typewriters!there´s a magic thing about them...idontknow they are great(:
    And i love what you did with yours!

    Thanks for your sweet comment it really made me happy, i really like what you do, specially the patch work(:

    Hope you have an awesome day!

    Carmila Ponycat

  4. @The Ponycats

    It's true, typewriters are pretty awesome!

    No problem, nice comments only happen when they are due:) And thanks for the nice one back!

    Have an amazing day too!



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