Aug 20, 2011

Check out some of my Fabulous Sponsors!

I asked my lovely sponsors to share a bit about themselves and their blogs, as well as their favourite summer memory. Enjoy!

 Kelly from Embrace the Apockylypse

I'm a geek-loving craft addict that is trying to break away from the zombie job and follow her baby step at a time! If I'm not clicking away at the keyboard (tweeting/blogging/gaming), I can usually be found with string in my hands...or attempting to get it back from a silly puppy-cat (I swear my dog thinks he's a cat at times; he's never even been near one!). I also love making new feel free to stop by eTa and make yourself at home.


Favorite Summer memory:
This is a tough one. I really don't think I could narrow down to just one favorite summer memory, but I could narrow it down to a common theme. Family cookouts! Now that I'm a newlywed and all the wedding planning is over, we've been having them every chance we can. For birthdays, holidays...or just because! I'm big on family time & now that my family has grown (by marriage...I am NOT pregnant!) we have made it almost a weekly event.

Angie from Artsy You

A lick
Angie and her husband at their recent wedding, being their charming selves

Hi, I'm Angie, the mom of a beautiful little girl named Violet who is my Rainbow after a storm. I have been a stay at home mom for the past few months but prior to this I was Program Coordinator for an amazing art program called Art Sparks where I got to work directly with those with developmental disabilities. Having had the joy to work with people of all abilities, skill levels and ages I decided to create a blog about everything artsy called Artsy You to share my love of art as well as short art lessons, activities and just amazing art that I want to share with the world. So stop by sometime, have fun and as always, keep creating!

The whole family!

Twitter: @sylvanfire

Me and Violet

My favourite summer memory so far has to be spending time with my daughter. This summer I got to introduce her to her family, go swimming for the first time and watch her try to roll over, but my absolute favourite is watching her try to eat solids. Being only 5 months old the food doesn't remain in her mouth all the time. Sometimes it ends up on the floor, sometimes on the furniture and (my favourite) often on the dog. This means a lot of baths for baby and for our miniature dachshund Tank.


Mary from Bonjour Miss Mary

Hey readers! My name is Mary from "Bonjour, Miss Mary."! I am a first year law student on the west coast and new blogger! I started blogging at the beginning of this summer to record my adventures in life including kitchen mishaps and achievements, crafting attempts, and techie reviews! When I am not blogging or studying contracts and torts, I am usually playing with my Scottie/Yorkie mix puppy named Atticus! 

I also just launched an Etsy shop featuring soaps, vintage tins, coasters (sold out as of 8/19), and note cards! I am in the process of adding more things every week!!!



Like lists? List with me in my blog segment,

Coolest things I did this summer? Well, I was blessed enough to watch both U2 and Florence + the Machine live in concert!!! Uhhhh-mazing!! :]


I hope you enjoyed meeting some of my lovely sponsors, and be sure to check out the rest on the sidebar, including Polly from Pixie Mama, Kami from Searching for Serendipity, Bartering Blogger, and Gillian (yes another one!) from Building Bumps.

♥ Craftzilla


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    Lol apparently we're both forgetful this month:) Clearly we should continue swapping for September and figure it out then, LOL


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