Aug 21, 2011

Day 23: What is your "Creative Bucket List"? List 12 creative things you want to learn more about.

I have a lot of crafty things I want to learn more about, so here's the perfect chance for me to write up my list! Despite the fact that I already do a TON of kinds of crafts already, and learning more might be a bit excessive, I likely will have to try at least a few of these.

1. Screenprinting

I'd like to try this with a real screen and such, or even just with a freezer paper stencil. It is on my 30 before 30 list to take a class, I just lack the funds at the moment ..hopefully soon! And I'll try to get working on at least a freezer paper stencil soon, given that I have an awesome idea for an apron that just MUST get made!

2. Encaustic

I met someone through an Etsy meetup who did this, and it seems so interesting! You can see a few peeks of April's work here

3. Linocut

I'd love to make a fun custom stamp using a linocut. I worry that my drawing skills are not that great for this purpose though.

4. Stained Glass

I love how you can use a lot of fun colours and patterns in stained glass

5. Weaving

Love how weaving looks, but seems a bit of an undertaking to have a full size loom in my house (especially when my current house is a shared one bedroom apartment)
6. Spinning

I almost don't want to try this ever, for fear that I'll like it and become fibre poor. Although there would only be certain fibres that I could actually try spinning, due to evil allergies.

7. Embroidery

Tecnically I can do this, I just don't think I've ever done an entire project of any size in pure embroidery. So there's a goal--to do a small embroidery project and give it a whirl!

8. Glass Blowing

Maybe a bit working about burning off my face or an essential limb doing this, but it's still pretty cool.

9. Resin Casting

I'd love to try resin casting some fun necklaces or rings. Technically another craft I have actually purchased all the things to do, and haven't done for some reason.

10. Etching

I literally have all the things at home to do this, and have even taped off one or two things to etch.

11. Pottery

 Learning how to throw a pot would be pretty cool.


I have used a circular saw before, but I may have screamed a bit the whole time. I'd like to make more things out of wood where I felt comfortable holding the tools and less like I was going to cut off a limb!

Are any of these crafts on your crafty to do list?

I'd also love to hear if any of you have tried a new craft lately and how it turned out!

♥ Craftzilla


  1. Pottery and woodworking are definitely on my list too! And sewing too. Good post- gives a nudge that I should start one of the things on my list :)

  2. You can start spinning with a cd and a chopstick and go from there. No need to buy a wheel right off the bat. When spindle spinning, the cost per hour of enjoyment is pennies because it takes *ahem* a while to finish - unlike the wheel.

    Of course I spin frog hair so it takes even longer!

  3. @Julie

    Glad to know the post is kicking your butt to start some of your projects!

    I can help out with sewing help if you need:)

  4. @Sherri

    True, you raise a good point. A friend at knitting was doing that and it didn't look too hard at all. Clearly I'll have to give that a go at some point so I can start crossing that off my list :P

  5. Woodworking, Embroidery, Crochet, Pottery, Linocut, Mixed Media Art - these are a few of the things I'd like to get my hands dirty with. This winter I am finally going to start scratching off a couple of these items off my list!
    I think I'll write the things I want to learn down on paper, frame it & hang it somewhere visible. To remind me to get cracking! :)

  6. @Caren via Tea and Chickadees

    yay that sounds like a fun list!

    And giant to do list of things seems like a good way to keep things in a pretty frame sounds like a great way to keep things at top of mind!


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