Jul 10, 2011

Things I made and Saw : Snoopy, Smoothies and Zombies!

All in all a busy week for me--started up some yoga classes (more on this later), the usual busy times at work, and had a paper due for my course on Friday that kept me chained to the computer trying to get it done. Luckily I finished it a bit early, and boy and I treated ourselves to fun hangouts with some friends --I swam, played Marco Polo with their kids, ate a lot of burgers and drank some tasty beer, and sang until my voice was hoarse playing Rock Band! All was super fun, once we eventually got there, as we got off the bus way too early and had a 30 minute walking adventure in the blazing heat. A neat thing happened though--we were cutting through a park, following some helpful people who gave us directions, and we saw a full grown deer only about 20 feet away! I wish I'd snapped a picture, but I was too busy being amazed that one was so close in the city.

In other awesome things that happened this week, a friend brought us a Snoopy sno-cone maker as a gift! How thoughtful! Isn't Snoopy adorable?

When we're not eating sno-cones, smoothies are just the thing for a hot summer's day -these are strawberry blueberry smoothies and were very refreshing and tasty.


A cute birthday card arrived belatedly from my parents due to the postal strike. This one had me giggling! I mostly love Gutnis, and his little red balloon:)


(if you're wondering, my mom's nickname for me is Dee Dee, which I guess is sort of how Gillian was pronounced by my sister when she started to talk, and somehow that stuck around)

I've also been hearing a lot of zombie noises coming from Plants and Zombies --this game is super fun and addicting! Braaaaaainnnns!

Some newly thrifted finds ---I love the owls on this jug!

This fishie makes me happy, and is big enough to hold all the many sets of keys by the door


I also picked up a fun random bag of magnets --these ones are the cutest, googly eyes and all!


Though I also enjoy a lot of these ones --especially the owl (I think I'm on an owl kick of late)

Ack two Ronald McDonalds is scarier than one!

I was out on a walk with the pooch today, and it looks as if he found one of the ducks from the Canada Day duck race at Riverside park--what a clever boy! I think this duck is clearly the winner-it sure made it a fair distance!!


♥ Craftzilla


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