Jul 11, 2011

Day 6: How does your living space reflect your creative nature? Share a picture if you can!

A few spots in my house reflect some of the craftiness, but I find that either a lot of my crafty things are packed away or half finished...I am trying to remedy this though in the meantime, here ar the few places in my living space that I do find reflect my craftiness!

My kitchen--I made the embroidery hoops wall art, table runner and "Love" picture on the table


Curtains in my living room
Jewelry board in my bedroom
♥ Craftzilla


  1. how is your jewelry board working for you? I'm considering making one, my necklaces and earrings always get tangled in the box i've been using.

  2. @sharmie

    It works well, as long as I don't pile clothes on the dresser, since then the stuff gets bumped. Other than that, my necklaces have never been so untangled:P


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