Jul 11, 2011

30 Before 30 - Yoga Updates

An update to#8 Start practicing yoga again on a regular basis (try for 3 times a week) and #19- Take a weekly yoga class from my 30 before 30 List. I'm combining both of these goals into one for the moment!


There's a yoga place up the street from my apartment that has a summer membership on this summer for unlimited classes, so my friend Lo and I decided to each get one, as we work together and this place has lunch classes most days of the week. I ended up going three or four times last week, and I'm enjoying it a lot so far--my body is remembering all the years of yoga that I've done, and now I'm not quite sure why I ever stopped doing it, aside from just moving to Guelph and not having a teacher anymore. I also forgot how awesome yoga makes my back feel--boy has offered backrubs and I'm all "I do not need that, I went to the yoga today!"

However, I must admit to being sort of picky about how I do yoga, and given that we're going a lot of different days, I've tried 3 or 4 of the teachers at this place so far and their main flaw is just that they're not my yoga teacher from Toronto, plus a few nitpicky things. I find that one of them talks really loudly during the relaxation period (perhaps for the benefit of the old people?) which I find really distracting. Another seems to be all about the props --chairs to modify poses as an example--I really dislike using things to modify poses unless I have to. And really, let's face it, I do have to modify some weight-bearing postures right now due to the ongoing isuses iwht the repetitive strain in my wrists and forearms...but I'm stubborn about it still. Yet another teacher is a bit into her mmm's and ahhhh's while yoga-ing which I also found distracting. My friend and I decided it was due to the mmm's and ahhh's sounding a bit too intimate, for lack of a better word and both wished for "less Porno, more Prana please!" I feel this should be a slogan on a shirt someday :P

At any rate, enjoying the yoga lots, and hoping to get a space set up in my house for practicing at some point soon! A friend of mine who's taking the yoga teacher training at the moment may come over and assist me in this plus putting together a bit of a practice, so that should be fun! I'm also planning to dig out my old practice worksheets from my yoga teacher in Toronto and give some of those a go, as well as going to as much yogas as I can:)

The image above is a Sun salutation, Suraya Namaskar, which I enjoy a lot:) Click the source link for more info!

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