Jul 10, 2011

Day 5: What artists do you seek out for inspiration? Create a small something based on your source.

I had to think for awhile on this one, and while I likely most often seek out other bloggers and crafty business owners for inspiration for sewn things, I thought I'd taken this more literally and pick an artist in the painting sense that I love. I'm a sucker for Gustav Klimt --I have a good few of the prints hung up in my apartment. Something about his style of patterns and spirals and colours and subjects is really appealing to me.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces of his:
I had a framed print of this on my desk at my old job--people kept asking me if I painted it--does no one go to museums any more?
I've actually done a project similar to the tree of life before (painted plate for my sister's wedding --she's still "getting" me a photo of it a year later hehe)  but given that I'm pretty much always inspired to draw things involving spirals and I'm couch-bound feeling not so great today alternating with cleaning, I figured I'd amuse myself and draw up a rendition of the tree of life Craftzilla style.

Here's what I came up with--I'm not feeling doing the inking today (too much cleaning to do) so sorry for the quality of the pics (note: it's super hard to take pictures of pencil/pen drawings...else I just need to practice doing so a bit!)


Here's a close-up of the bee, as I find him adorable :)


♥ Craftzilla


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