Jul 26, 2011

Day 17: Sing. Sing a song... make it simple to last your whole life long! How did that feel?

It's funny how sometimes things come up in my day that are related to these prompts...it's a bit weird sometimes. I went to a yoga class tonight, and the thought at that beginning of the class was related to music, violins in particular, and about how it is somewhat absurd to consider a violin holding onto thoughts of the past and the future rather than being in the moment in the middle of a yoga practice. Interesting thought :) [ this was actually a poem, but I've blanked on the author so can't locate it]

Other thoughts brought up later in the class were related to finding the music and rhythm of your body and focusing on finding how to create your own version of a yoga practice that is attuned to your own skills, strengths and bodily quirks. I'm hoping that as I practice yoga more, that I get more attuned to this again.

It was a good practice tonight, full of shoulder opening exercises leading up to doing a shoulder stand.  Exactly what I needed after a long day of work! however, next time I'll remember my sports bra, since my teacher actually commented that I was having issues with the shoulder stand due to er, certain extremities, were blocking my throat and ability to breathe a bit. Yoga fail!

In closing, here's a video of some quick shoulder stretches that's done by one of the teachers at my yoga studio. Enjoy!

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